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Unique Touch Events is truly a blend of exceptional talent.  This collaboration began back in 2004. Two very special couples decided to combine their resources to create a company to make their dreams come true by helping people create memories from their milestones. They created Unique Touch Events Center, a venue to celebrate your memories and milestones! 


Two sisters, Maria “Cookie” Carty Lewis and Ginina “Gina” Carty Muhammad who follow many generations of women in Business, Fashion, and Social Etiquette, that hail from New York City.  They bring their training, education and passion for adding just the right amount of personalized touch to every event.


The Backbone of the company hails from two very unique individuals that complete these two Powerhouse couples.  Derrick Lewis and Tadar Muhammad. These gentlemen bring you their understanding the complexity of generations of Central Floridians, music, spokesmanship, logistics and executive business management.  Derrick a native Central Floridian and Tadar a natural spokesman from Chicago, Il.


This family owned business believes in always putting family first in all areas of their lives. So the mission of Unique Touch Events is to treat all clients like family and make their events an amazing memory with just the right Unique Touch!


Together we celebrate your milestones and create memories with a unique touch!


MON-THUR    ($1150+ TAX)

  •  8am-12pm or 4-8pm

  • 1 hour setup

  • 1-hour breakdown



FRI-SUN        ($1400 + TAX)

  • 4 hours of event time

  • 1 hour setup

  • 1-hour breakdown

  • $100 each additional hour


  • Monday-Thursday ($200 per hour +tax)

  • Friday-Sunday ($250 per hour + tax)


  • $2,100 (14 hour access)

  • How long do I have use of the facility?
    The Venue will happily accommodate to your event start/end times. Our average package is 1 hour of setup time, 4 hours of event time and 1 hour of breakdown time.
  • What is included with the facility rental?
    The facility rental includes tables, chairs, white wall, 86 inch television and ceiling drapery.
  • What hotels accommodate nearby?
    There are a number of great hotel accommodations within walking distance. Accommodations can be found on our webpage under "Exclusive Hotel Rates" .
  • Do I need to purchase event insurance?
    No, The Unique Touch Event Center is fully insured.
  • Can furniture be moved?
    Yes, our floor plan is very flexible and we are more than happy to customize your event according to your vision.
  • Is the facility handicapped accessible?
    Yes, our entire facility is handicap accessible.
  • Is smoking allowed?
    No smoking is allowed at this facility.
  • Are dogs allowed for the ceremony?
    We love dogs! They are allowed during the ceremony as long as there isn’t any food out. Dogs must also be kept on a leash at all times while in the facility.
  • Can I have a Ceremony Rehearsal?
    Practice does make perfect! Your event specialist will work with you on a date and time that the facility is available for use before your big day!
  • What are the sizes of the tables?
    We have (15) 6ft rectangle tables and (9) 60inch round tables.
  • What is seating like?
    We can accommodate up to 8 guests per table and up to 4 guests at the cocktail tables. We have white folding chairs (120) and wooden bar stools (20) available. Inside only Rectangle Banquet Style Capacity: 104 for a sit down dinner. Round Banquet Style Capacity: 80 for a sit down dinner, Cocktail Party or Auditorium Setup: 120
  • Can the ceremony be held as well?
    Yes, please speak with your event specialist for options
  • Do we have an outside facility for ceremonies?
    Yes, please visit our memory gallery for a picture.
  • Do we offer planning services?
    Yes, we offer full planning services. Please visit for more information.
  • Is there parking on site?
    Yes, we have complimentary parking for our guests.
  • Is a sound system provided?
    The Unique Touch Event Center has a sound system, but it is not for the use of entertainment. Bands/entertainment/DJs are to bring their own sound system. Our sound system is available as part of your custom package.
  • Who is responsible for set up of tables and chairs?
    The staff will handle the setup of tables and chairs.
  • Who is responsible for cleanup of tables?
    You are responsible for the cleanup of the trash on the tables. Unless it is specified in your package.
  • Is there a guest book?
    We do not provide a guest book as this is something that is very personal for the client or party.
  • Who cuts the cake?
    You or a guest cut the cake unless that service has been added to your package.
  • Is there a fee for outside vendors?
    There is NOT a fee for outside vendors.
  • Do I have to use the preferred vendors?
    No, but we highly recommend our preferred vendors. They are on our list for many reasons. You can expect effecient, quality and over the top preformance from our vendors.
  • When are decorators, cake bakers, photographers, and the wedding party allowed on site?"
    Vendors are allowed to be in the building 2 hours prior to the start of the event.
  • Can items be left overnight?
    No, we require all outside vendors to remove all items brought in for the event after the event is over.
  • Is outside catering allowed?
    Yes, outside catering is allowed.
  • Can I arrange to taste the food?
    Yes, your event specialist will arrange an appropriate time/date with you for a food tasting.
  • Do I need to include vendors in guest count?
    Vendors are not included automatically by most caterers, so they should be added into your guest count.
  • Is tipping required?
    Gratuity is not required nor is it configured in the bill. Of course tips are much appreciated by our staff as they work very hard to make sure all guests are served at an exceptional level.
  • Are specialty colored linens available?
    Yes, specialty linens are available.
  • Does Unique Touch Events require the use of their bartenders?
    Yes, in compliance with Florida Law.
  • Do you check I.D.s?
    Yes, we check I.D.s as it is required by law for us to do so. We reserve the right to check identification as well as refuse service to anyone showing signs of extreme intoxication. It is our job to make sure guests are safe from harm and especially from drinking and driving.
  • Are cash bars allowed?
    No, cash bars are not allowed.
  • Can I provide my own alcohol/liquor?
    Yes, you may bring in your own liquor as long as you added the bartender service to your package.
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